Ends Meat, Hollywood FL | Merchant Profile

Bringing a uniqueness to Hollywood, Ends Meat has seen rapid success, introducing a new age Gastropub that has caught the attention of locals and travelers alike. Owners Kevin and Georgianna Dreifuss have taken their culinary expertise and have created a genuine, welcoming experience for each of their customers. The decor is unique itself, and pairing it with the fresh food, provides an experience that cannot be had anywhere else. The menu is sourced locally, and as fresh as it can possibly be. Kevin buys his ingredients everyday ensuring his customers the best experience possible. The chef driven menu speaks for itself and is definitely worth giving a try while in Hollywood. Ends Meat has an open kitchen, really taking the extra step for the customers to see their food being prepared in front of them. Kevin and Georgianna take pride in the fact they have absolutely nothing to hide with their fresh products and it goes a long way for the customers as well. One of their most popular items, the Fish Tacos, provide a crunchy, flavorful experience, and the presentation is bar none, setting themselves apart from the competition.  The Burgers carry the perfect sear, and are packed with healthy portions and delicious, fresh ingredients. The Raw Bar is also worth giving a try, presenting a wide array of options for the customers to indulge in. Between the Oysters, Clams, Prawn, and Ceviche, all of the options are of the freshest degree, ensuring the best quality for patrons to indulge in. Unique to Ends Meat, the restaurant serves Fried Jerk Chicken, a fantastic idea by Kevin, as well as Mahi Sausage. The progressive menu and willingness to do things different are what makes the restaurant what it is, and they have been able to perfect what it takes to suit all palates. The restaurant serves only craft products and that goes for the beer and wine as well. They serve over thirty different craft beers including options like Pacifico, All Day and 3 Philosophers. Their wine is of the freshest quality, and they have an extensive amount of grower varieties that just can’t be found anywhere else. The flavors offered are fresh and bright, perfect for the upcoming summer. The team at Ends Meat aim to please and they certainly have done so successfully making honesty and a genuine product their absolute top priority. The location is approachable, comfortable, and not pretentious by any means making it a must try while visiting the area.

1910 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, FL 33020