Ephesus Mediterranean and Turkish Cuisine, Massapequa Park NY | Merchant Profile

Holding a rich and vibrant past, Ephesus Mediterranean & Turkish Cuisine carries a vast history of an Ancient Greek City just south of Turkey. Implementing that into their cuisine, owners Tufan and Funda Duygun have carried the business name forward since 2011 and their success has accelerated into widespread popularity. Their dishes are all made fresh, and they pride themselves on being able to provide a welcoming atmosphere that their customers can feel comfortable coming in time after time. They prioritize making everyone feel like a guest in their home instead of treating them like customers and it has taken them far. With great food and a great staff, Ephesus is worth the visit.Tufan and Funda have created a vibrant, culturally authentic atmosphere that sets a high standard for other restaurants in the area. Their food matches the ambiance, and the traditional cuisine is great for every instance and will provide options for everyone. The Kabobs are a highly recommended item, offering the options of their Lamb or Chicken. They also offer an Adena Kabob, made with a specialty cut ground lamb, red bell peppers and a dash of paprika.  The dishes are made with a marinated, tender meat, and they are highly popular among the customers. Staying true to their word, Tufan and Funda seek to provide their customers with the highest quality meals, and keep freshness a top priority. This translates into their Lamb Gyros which are only served on the weekends to ensure tender, top quality meat. The Gyro is a fan favorite and keeps people coming in regularly, making the weekends their most busy, but most rewarding time for customers to come. Their bread is where the restaurant really shines, making it all in-house fresh everyday. The Baklava incorporates this fresh dough, one of their authentic desserts comprised of layers of filo dough, with pistachio or walnuts, and honey syrup. Ephesus Mediterranean & Turkish Cuisine has already proven to be a staple in the Massapequa Park area, but their notoriety has expanded much further than that. Among the many awards they have received, they have also come highly regarded by News Day as well as the New York Times, for their authentic cuisine. Tufan and Funda have perfected what it takes to keep their customers happy and their success will continue to climb as time continues. They love what they do, and they love making people happy with their fantastic menu. Located at 514 Park Boulevard, stopping in for a visit is sure to me a memorable, satisfying experience.

514 Park Boulevard
Massapequa Park, NY 11762