Esaan Thai, York PA | Merchant Profile

Taking classic, authentic Thai and putting a great stress on quality and consistency, Esaan Thai has become a household name for locals who seek to indulge in dishes that take the cuisine to the next level. Owner Jai Delp takes her exuberant passion for food and cooking, and uses it as fuel to drive Essan to the forefront, making it a widely notorious restaurant in the area. Paying homage to a region in Thailand, Esaan holds their menu options to a higher standard, providing a genuine and trustworthy culinary experience time after time. The attentive staff paired with fresh, made to order dishes can attest to the experience at Esaan Thai, and the true care that goes into it is nothing short of remarkable, making it a must while in the area. All of the dishes hit the nail on the head, Jai and her team taking time and not cutting any corners in providing classic dishes with an elevated taste. The efforts are prevalent with every option,and  the team at Essan are always seeking to provide something for everyone and do so flawlessly. The Pad Thai is a widely favored item, rice noodles stir-fried with egg, with sweet and sour tamarind sauce, topped with bean sprouts, peanuts, and garlic chives. A personal favorite for Jai, the Som Tum, is a salad crafted with shredded papaya, with carrot, tomato, and peanuts in a lime dressing, served atop a bed of lettuce. Each dish is crafted from scratch, in house, and is made to order. All of the dishes are made fresh ensuring the best of the best for customers to indulge in.Everything in the restaurant is natural, Jai sources the freshest ingredients and plays close attention to her menu items, always seeking to raise the bar on her already popular dishes. Jai notes that although it might take a couple extra minutes to create her dishes in comparison to  similar restaurants, it provides a heightened experience that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Stopping in not only guarantees a satisfying culinary experience, but also a memorable one in an elegant, and welcoming atmosphere.

30 N Beaver St.
York, PA 17401