Falafel Corner, Fremont CA | Merchant Profile

The owners of Falafel Corner in Fremont have two very diverse backgrounds. Massoud Rustakhis began his career in restaurants when he came to America about 10 years ago. Massoud worked his way up from a dishwasher into management. He eventually saved up enough money to start his own restaurant and opened Falafel Corner in 2013. Massoud has always had a passion for food, halal cooking, and serving people. Sajad Shakoorís story is a little different. Sajad got all his cooking experience from San Quentin State Prison when he was serving a life sentence for a crime he did not commit. After 21 years, he was able to win his freedom and was exonerated. In prison, Sajad learned how to cook very fast. His passions and Massoudís passions came together when they met in 2013, and quickly became business partners. When Massoud came to America, he quickly noticed the lack of halal options on the market. Massoud made it his mission to create a place that served American favorites like burgers and pizzas made with halal meats. Massoud and Sajad not only have strong passions for cooking but also cooking as a community service. ìAnyone can go and open a restaurant, but the restaurant has to serve more than just an appetite – it has to serve a higher purpose,î Sajad explained. They wanted to offer good food in a family friendly environment. They serve a community that never had halal burgers and pizzas as an option. Falafel Corner is a lot bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside, and opens up to you when you walk in. What is truly unique about Falafel Corner is the prayer area in the middle of the restaurant. ìSometimes people stay here for hours, especially during Ramadan, enjoying the food. That’s what we wanted, an environment that caters to families especially at night,î said Sajad.The pizzas, burgers, and platters (salad, rice, meat, and hummus) are very popular. The platters are big enough to share and come at a great price point. Falafel Corner serves non-alcoholic halal beers from Lebanon, a very classic Lebanese drink. Falafel Corner has been featured on the news several times to highlight the community service they do. ìWe tend to provide those who are down on their luck the opportunities for gainful employment and the ability to transition to a more rewarding life,î explained Sajad. Be sure to check out Falafel Corner, where they serve more than just appetites.

43450 S Grimmer Blvd
Fremont, CA 94538