Falafel, Etc., Fremont CA | Merchant Profile

Ramsey Totari has an extensive background in customer service with almost 30 years of experience in the electronic industry. He learned a lot about what customers are really looking for and how to make them happy. Falafel, Etc. is Ramseyís third restaurant and they all have been successful. Falafel, Etc. was established almost a decade ago and over that time has become very popular all throughout the Bay Area. Ramsey explained that he has customers that travel from all over. Falafel, Etc. is a semi-fast food Middle Eastern restaurant. You place your order at the counter, and they will bring your food to the table and clear it when you are finished. Falafel, Etc. is a family oriented restaurant that welcomes everyone in any age from any culture. Everyone loves the Falafel; many claim it is the best in the Bay Area! The Falafel Sandwich on soft pita bread with mixed veggies and sauce is a very nice meal. If you have a bigger appetite, order the Falafel Plate! It comes with two side orders of your choice and pita bread on the side. The Chicken Kabob and Lamb Kabob are also popular items! Ramsey explained that quality is of the utmost importance in both food and service. Ramsey documents all the recipes so that no matter who is making the dish, it will all be consistent. Falafel, Etc. uses nothing but great quality products. Cleanliness is also highly important to everyone at Falafel, Etc. Everything inside and outside the restaurant is always spotless, including the bathrooms!Ramsey loves working in his restaurant and cannot imagine working anywhere else. ìIt is very rewarding when people show us off to their friends. When our guests brag about our food and restaurants to others, it really makes it all worth the while to me because it shows that I am doing something that people enjoy,î Ramsey said. Visit Falafel, Etc. to enjoy a great meal in an enjoyable atmosphere!

39200 Fremont Blvd
Fremont, CA 94538