Falafel’s Drive-In, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Falafelís Drive-In was opened in 1966 by Anton and Zahie Nijmeh in San Jose, California. Anton came from Israel and wanted to bring the popularity of falafel to the area. Falafelís Drive-In was originally just a drive-in and burger place. When Anton and Nijmeh took over, they originally started by giving out free falafels with burgers. It caught on and became a full blown falafel restaurant. There is indoor and outdoor seating available, but most people walk up to the outdoor counter. Often times the line wraps around the corner with people waiting to have some delicious falafel. There is a mural that many people like to look at as they wait because it envelops the history of Silicon Valley.The most popular dish is the falafel of course. The falafel is a pita sandwich that is stuffed with deep fried garbanzo balls and is mixed with veggies. Also, the hummus and gyros are also popular dishes and are both served with veggies. There is also a special sauce that goes along with the gyros that customers love.Falafelís Drive-In is known for their banana shakes and people often order them with falafel. They have other shakes as well but the banana is the most popular. Falafelís Drive-In is a fusion restaurant and is making falafel more and more popular. First-time customers turning into returning customers is guaranteed. Whether it be the great customer service or amazing cuisine, Falafelís Drive-In is a restaurant that has its customers leaving happy and satisfied.

2301 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA 95128