Fandango, Pacific Grove CA | Merchant Profile

Marietta and Pierre Bain own Fandango Restaurant in Pacific Grove, California. They have owned the restaurant 31 of its 34 years in business. It started as a Basque restaurant, with recipes from the Basque region of France and Spain. Pierre and Marietta kept many of those original recipes, but expanded the menu to encompass their own heritage and old family recipes. A lot of their inspiration comes from the Mediterranean region of Southern France. The name Fandango means an ongoing party; in Spain a fandango is a party that can last several days. It is also the name of a folk dance. The menu at Fandango draws influence from Pierre and Mariettaís family heritage. Many of the recipes come from Pierreís familyís restaurant in Southern France, which he grew up working in. Fandango is famous for their Rack of Lamb, which is lamb grilled over open fire, marinated in herbs, and topped with their special sauce. Marietta also recommends the Paella Fandango: saffron rice, seafood, spicy sausages, chicken, peas, green onion, and red and green bell pepper, served in a skillet. Fandango also has a full bar and a 45 page, award winning wine list.Fandango has a classy, but casual atmosphere. They host private events and have various rooms for your party needs. Fandango has won several awards including Wine Spectatorís Award of Excellence and Best Restaurant in Pacific Grove. They are open daily, including on holidays. Check out Fandango and see why they have been a staple in the community for over 30 years!

223 17th Street
Pacific Grove, CA 93950