Fern, Charlotte NC | Merchant Profile

Fern is a completely vegetarian restaurant that will celebrate its fifth year in business October 2016. Jill Marcus and Karen Teed who own the Something Classic Catering Company that has been in business for the last thirty years based out of Charlotte, North Carolina had always wanted to open a vegetarian restaurant, so when the time was right decided to open Fern. Fernís menu changes about four times a year because they work with local famers and artisans whose harvests often dictate what will be on the menu. Fern is a vegetarian restaurant, but many of its dishes can also be made vegan to meet customersí dietary needs. One of Fernís staples on their menu is the cauliflower appetizer. The seasonings and style that the cauliflower is prepared in does change seasonally, but the base of the dish does not. For example Fern previously offered their cauliflower appetizer in a buffalo style, but now it has changed to Polynesian. Another staple is their Buffalo Tempeh Sandwich which consists of chicken fried tempeh (fermented soybean patty), buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomato, vegan buttermilk Dill, and celery-carrot slaw served on a potato roll. Fern also offers a special brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays. One of customersí favorites on the menu is their creative spin on Chicken and Waffles. Instead of serving the traditional chicken and waffles, Fern features delicious sweet potato waffles with spicy chicken-fried tofu as a healthier option of the American classic. Recently Fern just launched catering capabilities within their restaurant. They can provide food for small, simple pick-up orders as well as full-service events such as weddings. Fern also offers a space for private events and parties of forty-five people or less at the restaurant. Catering menus for these events are completely customizable to fit your occasion and taste. Another really cool detail that sets Fern apart from other restaurants is their attention to the environment. Not only is Fern completely vegetarian, but they also focus on rigorous recycling and composting routines. All leftover scraps and food are composted to help revitalize the earthís soil. Fernís to-go boxes are either reusable or made from materials that can be composted such as potato starches. It is this forward thinking that puts Fern in a league of its own. Fern is the best place to find creative, tasty, and most of all healthy food to satisfy oneís hunger. On top of its delicious food, Fern is full of warm and welcoming staff that will make sure every visit is a great one. If youíre in the area and craving something that will boost your energy and fill you up, look no further than Fern!

1323 Central Ave
Charlotte, NC 28205