Finley Dunne’s Tavern, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Finley Dunneís Tavern is located in Lakeview, Illinois and was opened on November 21st, 1996. Joseph E. Kenny is the owner of this tavern and works very closely with his employees. The dedicated staff of Finley Dunne’s ensures each customer has a great visit. The original idea behind Finley Dunneís Tavern is that every neighborhood needs a social center. In the beginning, Kenny could not think of a name for his bar and originally had only a sign that said ìTavern.î This sign became monumental for the bar because even now customers often refer to Finley Dunneís as ìThe Tavern.î This bar has a comfortable and casual feel to it. Many of its employees have worked there for many years and know many of the customers as well. Finley Dunneís emotes a fun, social, and community feeling the second that one walks in the door. Limited live entertainment, as well as a jukebox, adds to the vibe as well.One of the most popular dishes at Finley Dunneís is the ìRyanBurger.î This burger was named after a bartender who brought the idea of a garlic cheeseburger to the bar. This item is a burger on a french roll served with American cheese and is lightly buttered with garlic. Additionally, Thursday Wing Night is a popular night for customers. There are wing deals that change upon the hour each Thursday. They have jumbo chicken wings that are all freshly deep fried and sauced with special wing sauce.Finley Dunneís has a party room that can be rented out for special events. This room was originally a garage and has been converted into a multipurpose room. For larger parties, renting out the entire tavern is an option.This tavern provides the residents of Lakeview with a fun, sports centered bar where socializing and great food go hand in hand. The casual and comfortable feel of the bar always leave its customers full and happy after eating there.

3458 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60657