Fish’s Wild, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Authentic, quality driven, and fresh food are not easy to pass on, and owner Ted Hunter certainly delivers with Fishís Wild. The cozy location offers a welcoming experience, paired with affordable food that does not sacrifice flavor by any means. The restaurant started as something Ted and his wife believed in, and wanted to pursue as a means to deliver an upscale menu in a fast casual setting. Doing so successfully, Ted hasn’t looked back since, and has been consistently delivering the San Jose area with top notch seafood dishes. All of Fishís menu items are cooked from scratch, made fresh, and made to order. Ted prides himself on the fact he is able to bring such a high quality service in a fast casual setting, which is very unique, and not common. The fish is brought in regularly, so the customer can rest assured the freshness is at its highest potential, making for a flavorful menu selection.  The most popular dish, The Grilled Salmon, is served with the customerís choice of seasoning whether that be Cajun, Garlic Butter, Lemon Pepper, or House.  Another fan favorite, the Beef Short Ribs, are made Korean style, providing a flavorful and rich experience that customers should definitely give a try. Venturing away from seafood, Fishís also serves their Grilled Chicken which comes highly regarded. It can also come in wrap form, served with Rice, Cabbage, Carrot, Tomato, Mango & House Cream Sauce. Ití s hard go wrong with the Fish and Chips, a classic dish that will guarantee each customer leaving satisfied. The item can also be purchased in fried form or in childrenís portions for the kids. Ted offers his customers a wide array of sides to choose from, but the Grilled Vegetables stand out as a top choice, and really bring each menu full circle. Fishís Wild is the only restaurant in the shopping center that also serves beer and wine, keeping an excellent choice of beers on draft as well as bottles. Tedís team provides the best experience possible for the clientele and prides themselves on keeping the customer happy. The portions are always generous, and from a seafood standpoint, is impossible to find anywhere else for the quality and price. Located at 1085 East Brokaw Road, Fishís Wild is worth stopping by and giving a try, the excellent service paired with great food is hard to disappoint.

1085 E Brocaw Road, Suite 30
San Jose, CA 95131