Fluke, Newport RI | Merchant Profile

Taking a passion for food and using it as fuel to drive the culinary powerhouse known as Fluke, owners Jeff and Geremie Callaghan put their expertise to the forefront in providing a top notch experience. The name is a play on words, being that fluke is a type of fish in the area, and Jeff thought it was more than a fluke they were able to find space at Bannister√≠s Wharf. Working in the area as he was growing up, it was a perfect fit to begin this endeavor that has flawlessly become a staple in the area. The goal is to provide the best of the best in hospitality and cuisine and Jeff and Geremie haven’t missed the mark with Fluke.Everything is sourced locally ensuring the best of the best when indulging in any dish. The quality and consistency is held at a higher standard, separating themselves from any other restaurant in the area. The Fluke is an obvious option worth trying, crafted with Fava Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Zucchini, Eggplant, Squash, and Yellow Pepper Coulis. The dishes paired with the original cocktails bring everything full circle and provide for an all around heightened dining experience. The view and all around atmosphere compliment the elegant experience, the view of the boats and sunset put the finishing touch on what makes Fluke a must. The staff immerses guests into an environment that raises the bar, and stopping in ensures a welcoming and memorable experience. The restaurant offers corporate and private events if that is preferred, and making Fluke a top priority will surely not be a mistake while visiting Newport.

31 Bowen’s Wharf
Newport, RI 02840