Forbidden City, Hanover PA | Merchant Profile

Forbidden City is a restaurant located at 1100 Eichelberger Street in Hanover. Brian Fleharty is the Assistant Manager of the restaurant which opened in 1992. Brian started working at Forbidden City when he was just fourteen-years-old. His favorite thing about working in the eatery is the combination of great customers and great food. He loves to see people enjoying a meal and good company and loves hearing dinersí stories and sharing laughs with them. He sees the restaurant as a refuge, where for thirty minutes or an hour, diners can escape from daily pressures and have a good time. Popular menu items include: General Tso’s Chicken, the general’s favorite, made with chunks of marinated crispy boneless chicken sautÈed with onions and green peppers in the general’s famous sweet & spicy sauce. The Happy Family, featuring shrimp, scallops, and sliced chicken breast happily mixed together with peapods, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and carrots in a brown sauce. Also, the Dragon & Phoenix, a delightful combination of General Tso’s Chicken and Hunan Shrimp. According to Brian, most people order the same dishes every time. Since they donít eat Chinese food often, they tend to stick to their favorites. Occasionally though, he has a customer come in and want to experiment with a new taste. He suggests coming in for the buffet on the weekends for diners to try and find new favorites. Brianís favorite is the Chicken Fried Rice. If you are in Hanover looking for great Chinese food in a pleasant setting think about visiting Forbidden City. They do take-out and the restaurant is BYOB. There is a buffet Friday and Saturday nights. Brian and the staff at Forbidden City will ensure you will have a great dining experience!  

1100 Eichelberger St
Hanover, PA 17332