ForGround, New York NY | Merchant Profile

ForGround is a coffee shop and cafe in New York City.  It is owned by a New York couple who double as art consultants and coffee lovers, with a thriving business. Their goal is to have the best coffee and best quality of food possible. The location of the restaurant was chosen for its chill vibe and spacious atmosphere, being able to seat a lot more people than your average coffee shop. The name ForGround has a few different meanings to the owners. The ìforegroundî is the first surface of the paintings they photograph. The "grounds" refers to coffee, and the "for" refers to the giving nature of the owners. Going green and supporting local farms are core values of ForGround. They use organic ingredients and buy local in order to ensure freshness. They also strive to create healthy and balanced meals that provide nutrients from multiple food groups. Going above and beyond is important at ForGround. Besides fresh ingredients, they also have a bigger variety of options and create interesting recipes and combinations. Try one of their toast creations, with breads like their sweet walnut raisin toast, and plethora of toppings. If youíre looking for a great cup of coffee, the owners recommend trying one of their espresso drinks. One favorite is the Dirty Chai, made with espresso and chai from a local vendor. The other passion of the owners of ForGround is giving back. The business donates to charities to help animals and the environment. Check out their website for more information on their catering capabilities. Next time you are in New York City, check out ForGround to support local business and enjoy great food and coffee!

601 W 26th St
New York, NY 10001