Frank’s Pizzeria, Port Washington NY | Merchant Profile

Frankís Pizzeria has been a cornerstone in Port Washington, New York for thirty-three years. Family owned and operated, Linda Colombo works to continue her fatherís legacy of great food and excellent service. Frankís offers more than just pizza. It has become the go-to spot for delicious, fresh Italian cuisine. Everything in the restaurant is made from scratch and cooked fresh to order. They use only the top ingredients available to ensure they are serving their customers the best product possible. They even have vegetarian and healthy options available for those with specific dietary needs. The soup at Frankís is made with zero fat yet doesnít sacrifice the flavor. The Chicken Noodle Soup is legendary and customers canít seem to get enough. Frankís pasta is also well loved and the Zucchini Linguine is in a league of its own. With all the same flavors, textures, and tastes that regular pasta provides, the Zucchini Linguine gives you that, but at in a much healthier way. The zucchini pasta is full of nutrients and is a great substitute to white-flour pasta. Of course, Frankís Pizzeria makes delectable and fantastic pizzas as well. They offer regular, thin crust, and Sicilian style pies along with classic calzones and rolls. There are tons of specialty pizzas to choose from and even low-fat options that are full of different flavors and vegetables. Frankís Pizzeria also has a large Jewish clientele, so they offer many Jewish favorites on the menu too. The potato pancakes are very popular and are homemade just like your mother makes them. Frankís even created a Matzo Pizza that is a different take on a Jewish staple. The most important goal at Frankís Pizzeria is treating their customers and community well. The restaurant accepts every form of payment and goes out of their way to ensure every person is satisfied with their food, service, and experience. Linda even runs pizza workshops where she will travel to different schools in the community to teach kids about cooking, ingredients, and what a pizzeria is all about.  Frankís Pizzeria offers catering, carryout, and delivery services to its customers as well. The staff at Frankís is very hard working, attentive, and will do their best to accommodate every one of your needs. Linda and her crew appreciate the business they receive and work tirelessly to continue to give back to their customers and communities. The next time youíre in town, make sure to check out Frankís Pizzeria not only for the delicious food, but for the phenomenal people who serve it to you.

14 Main St
Port Washington, NY 11050