Frittata, Clawson MI | Merchant Profile

New owner of Frittata, Sunny, works closely with original restaurant owners Jerry and Tracy who opened its doors to the public in  2004. Sonny, Tracy, and Jerry work together to maintain the unique and fresh menu and atmosphere.Brunch and breakfast are Frittata√≠s specialities with a menu featuring such original dishes as chicken marrie, served with a homemade bur blanc sauce, and lemon ricotta pancakes. For traditional breakfast or brunch options, customers may select scrambled eggs or a classic eggs benedict.All menu items are made with only the freshest, most high quality ingredients available--all offered at reasonable prices with specials offered weekly. Frittata welcomes and serves a wide range of customers with its family and business friendly environment. From tattoo artists to CEOs, it is assured there is something for everyone at Frittata.

236 S Main St.
Clawson, MI 48017