Fuh, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Fuh is a fast, casual Vietnamese restaurant that allows customers to pick and choose what they want to eat. It is set up to be a ìbuild your own bowlî concept where you can see all the ingredients going into your dish. The name Fuh is actually the phonetic way of spelling pho, which is one of Vietnamís most popular dishes. 80% of Fuhís sales are from their make-you-own pho noodle soup. They also offer their own original take on pho, a dry bowl where customers can choose one of their homemade sauces or vinaigrettes instead of adding soup broth. One of the owners of Fuh, Quan says, ìWe offer something that is fresh, healthy Vietnamese in a setting that is contemporary. Something that people would be more comfortable with, in comparison to other Vietnamese restaurants that are more ethnic or mom-and-pop.î Because customers can pick and choose what goes in the bowl, it gives them more confidence in ordering Vietnamese cuisine. Take-out is available at Fuh and in the future they hope to set up catering and delivery. ìEven though the execution is fast, the food is slow. Meaning the broth is something that takes twelve hours to create, but we serve it to you fast,î says Quan. Fuh is a great place to try Vietnamese food for the first time, or if youíre already familiar with the cuisine it offers delicious, fresh ingredients to choose from!

2218 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614