Gandhi’s Authentic Indian Cuisine, Lake Worth AL | Merchant Profile

A genuine experience delivered in a quality matter is the exact formula that Gandhiís Authentic Indian Cuisine has sought to encompass. Doing so seamlessly, the owners Cherry and Raj Bohra have held their experience to a higher standard, elevating what would be expected from restaurants with similar concepts. Cherry and Raj separate themselves from the competition with their trustworthy and honest care for their customers, and they do not lack in any category. They set the bar high for other restaurants in the area and they pair their elegant ambiance with an impressive menu selection keeping the list to a minimum to greatly put focus on each and every detail. With a passion for life and traveling, Raj and Cherry have a firm belief that all endeavors and important decisions are decided where people gather for food and take time to enjoy one another. This is essentially the vibe they have sought to encapsulate with Gandhiís, and have done so with quality and perfection. The welcoming nature is nothing short of impressive and the consistency in the dishes they are able to provide are bar none. The customers are certainly not just there to sit down, eat, then leave, Raj and Cherry immerse their guests into an experience where food and people matter. Most Indian restaurants host a cuisine where the dishes are overwhelmingly hot and spicy and this is exactly where Gandhiís Authentic Indian Cuisine takes a turn for the better. They seek to use fresh, quality spices that compliment each other and stimulate the entire palate. That is when the customer can tailor the heat to their own preference. The goal is to accommodate and that is everything that the team at the restaurant seeks to do. The staff takes the whole experience to the next level and the environment rivals a elegant homey touch that simply cannot be found anywhere else. The kitchen has been blessed with two Southern and two Northern Indian chefs, taking a fusion of eclectic flavors for customers to indulge in. The Indian cuisine varies from region to region, and they take no shortcuts in supplying a little taste of everything, making them a top notch choice while visiting Lake Worth. Believe it or not, the menu goes even deeper than that, offering dishes that one would normally on the Streets on India from food purveyors. The restaurant hosts the option to cater any event, if that is preferred, holding up to one hundred fifty patrons. To compliment the delicious food choices, the restaurant holds wines specifically chosen to adhere to each dish as well as various Indian beers. Stopping in not only guarantees a quality experience, but a memorable one, that will satisfy every time.

4075 South State Rd. 7
Lake Worth, AL 33449