Garrido’s Bistro & Pastry, Grosse Pointe Woods MI | Merchant Profile

Vanessa opened Garridoís Bistro & Pastry with her husband Christopher and her father-in-law in 2015. They all moved to Michigan from Venezuela in 2014, following Christopherís sister after she fell in love with Grosse Pointe Woods. When Vanessa came to visit her family-in-law one winter to ski, she realized that they could fill a need in the area and offer a cuisine that would be new Grosse Pointe Woods: Venusian.Vanessa and her husband’s family has been in the culinary industry for over 35 years. They all have attended the largest culinary school in Venezuela, and Vanessa and Christopher are also engineers! In Venezuela, Christopher and Vanessa started a catering business that eventually turned into a restaurant. After they saw the promising opportunity in Michigan, they knew they had something unique to bring to the area. Vanessa was not quite sure how the community would accept Venezuelan food, but the said the reaction was amazing. They were instantly accepted and people are always interested to hear about the country.Arepas are a staple in Venezuela, and happen to be Garridoís Bistro & Pastryís speciality. Vanessa claims that in Venezuela, arepas are even more popular than burgers are in America. Arepas are eaten for breakfast, a quick lunch, dinner, and even late-night after-party snacks. The dough is also called arepa, and is made from a white corn flour different from what they use in Mexico or other Central American countries. To be a true arepa and have the right texture and flavor, the flour has to come from Colombia or Venezuela. The arepas are cooked to order, ìthe only way to do it right,î explained Vanessa. It ends up being crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside; Vanessa said, ìSome people think the texture is similar to polenta in a way, and some compare it to mashed potatoes.î They can be filled with pretty much anything; vegetables, seafood, beef, chicken, or cheese. Garridoís Bistro & Pastry also aims to be friendly with allergies and different nutritional needs. If you are trying to avoid gluten, nuts, or dairy, they have plenty of options on their menu that can accommodate you.

19605 Mack Ave
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236