Gastroteca, Astoria NY | Merchant Profile

On December 2nd 2013, John and Jessica Parlatore purchased Gastroteca. They opened under new ownership the very next day. The two of them painted everything, tore things out and reinstalled others, and most notably – removed their outdoor sign. Jessica explained that it is important for them to be a neighborhood joint – everyone knows the little place with the red awnings.Both John and Jessica have worked in the restaurant business their entire lives. When they found the restaurant was for sale, they adored the neighborhood but felt that it was lacking city-type restaurants, where you can stay in your own neighborhood and eat a good meal. Having always had a passion for the culinary arts, they decided to give Astoria a place that ìoffers Manhatten service at Queens pricesî while taking the pretentiousness out of the dining experience.Gastroteca changes their menu five times a year to constantly keep things fresh. John refers to Gastrotecaís cuisine as ìNew Italian Americanî. Gastroteca takes a lot of American techniques and sensibilities and adds them to their dishes. They make all their pasta by hand and jar all their own tomatoes from New Jersey, instead of importing them. They try to use all local ingredients and influences but in a very Italian cooking manner.Customers rave about their ëCrispy Gnocchií – John says they go through about 1,500 pounds of gnocchi a week! They donít boil their gnocchi; instead, they sautee it in olive oil and butter, serve it with a pistachio, spinach and basil pesto. The ëSpaghetti Stracchinoí is another popular item – for the tomato basil, they boil, seed, skin, and crush their New Jersey tomatoes themselves, never using a can or an abundance of sauteed garlic. You can taste the delicious purity.John and Jessica love to travel the world. Jessica explained, ìWe are Italian at the end of the day, but a lot of it (food) comes from things that really inspired usî. They like to take inspiration from restaurants that are not Italian and turn that into an Italian dish.  Another feature of Gastroteca that makes them unique is their Aperitivo Hour. Instead of the traditional Happy Hour, enjoy ìpre-dinner drinks with complimentary eatsî. Gastroteca is an Astoria favorite worthy of a visit.

33-02 34th Ave
Astoria, NY 11106