Gatsby’s Pizza and Pub, Arlington Heights IL | Merchant Profile

George Callas came to America with his sister in 1958 with only $3 in his pocket, not knowing the difference between the English words yes and no. Georgeís dad borrowed $325 to ship them to the United States to hopefully have better lives. Being 15 years old at the time, George had to quickly find a job. George met a few Greek folks who found him a job as a busboy. He worked seven nights a week, 9:00 pm to 6:00 am, at $18 a week. It definitely was not much, but George was so happy to have a job. It was enough to cover his small room he rented, and send a few dollars back every month to pay off his father. George worked at his first job for about six months, then he found a better job where he worked during the day, only six days a week, for $29 a week. That was a big deal for George; hard work and perseverance was engraved deeply in him from a young age, and he believes he can do anything he sets his mind to. Over the years, George has owned several restaurants in Chicago. One day, George was driving and stopped at a restaurant that intrigued him. He went inside Gatsbyís Pizza & Pub and tried to talk to the girl at the counter about the owner. She basically just ignored him, so he left. About a week later, George returned armed with a $20 bill. He bribed a different girl and she passed along the owner Bill Roscoeís contact info. Bill wasnít ready to sell the restaurant, but eventually George finally persuaded him to. In 1989, George remodeled the entire building, adding many windows. In the first year, business was really tough for George. Unfortunately, there were many gangs in the area. When Gatsbyís Pizza & Pub re-opened, the gang members would constantly come in and harshly threaten him. George did not cower – he got the help of the village hall and the police. Unbeknownst to George, his building was previously used for drugs and prostitution – hence why the gangs wanted him to leave. It took about two years to inform the public that Gatsbyís Pizza & Pub is nothing like the place it was before. George now admits that he probably would not have survived without the help of the police and the village. It was a terrible time, but Gatsby’s is long past it. Over 25 years later, Gatsbyís Pizza & Pub is still a staple to the community. This uniquely beautiful establishment has TVs lined wall to wall – about 82 in total! Gatsbyís has a private party room that seats 80 guests comfortably for any event. Their ëBuffalo Chicken Wrapí is a must-try, stuffed full of delicious chicken tenders and their homemade ranch dressing. Some customers come in to buy the ranch to take home and enjoy, and many people love to use it as a dip for their pizza. The ëGatsby Burgerí is another customer favorite; chopped up onions, green peppers and seasoning all mixed in with the beef patty. All of Gatsbyís pizza is made from scratch in-house; from the sauce to the dough, nothing is ever frozen.  Georgeís story of courage and determination is an inspiration to everyone around him.

427 E Rand Rd
Arlington Heights, IL 60004