Geisha, Capitola CA | Merchant Profile

Geisha is a sustainable sushi restaurant Capitola, California. Sustainable sushi is made using green or amber ranked seafood, never red. This means that the distributors caught the fish in an eco-friendly manner and adhere to guidelines for environmental stability. Chef David Graham and Narintra Johnson have been with the restaurant since it opened in 2011. Geisha is the first sustainable sushi restaurant in the county. Geisha offers an extensive menu with fresh, traditional sushi, along with plenty of vegetarian and vegan roll options. David says a good choice to start with for first time customers is the Chefís Choice Sashimi. From the kitchen the chef recommends the Crabby Salmon dish, which is a broiled salmon stuffed with rock crab meat in a miso cream sauce, and topped with teriyaki. A good choice for vegetarians is the Geisha Street Roll, with roasted bell pepper, avocado, basil, toasted garlic, and walnuts. Geisha is also a Japanese tea house. They have a tea list filled with gourmet, organic teas. For adults, they have a premium sake list and serve Japanese beers. Geisha is a destination restaurant and sees a lot of tourists coming to try sustainable sushi. The amazing food keeps locals and regulars coming back. Another feature of the restaurant is the great music and fun vibe. Geisha is on the second floor of the building and has a seating capacity of about 65 people. They are open seven days a week. Check out Geisha for delicious sushi made with care and concern for the environment!

200 Monterey Ave
Capitola, CA 95010