George’s Pizza and Subs, Carlisle PA | Merchant Profile

Georgeís Pizza and Subs has been a staple restaurant of Carlisle since 1958. It is currently owned by Peter Merisotis whose father, George, was the original owner. Peterís family history is rooted in military service. When they are not serving their country they are serving people at home. The concept for the restaurant came from Peterís grandmother. His grandparents came to the states from Greece in the 1920ís and his grandmother used to make flatbread subs for her family. George used her recipes to open up his first sub shop in 1948. They serve ìGeorgeís New England Style Subsî to this day and Georgeís one of the only places they can be found. George Merisotis came from modest means and money was never his priority. He told his son that if you love what you do and take care of people, money will follow. Peter says his fatherís advice and business style has been what has kept the restaurant successful for all these years and he is grateful to have him as a role model. Georgeís Pizza and Subs serves a variety of pizzas, subs, stromboli, and salads. They have two styles of pizza: original pan and Italian thin crust. The Italian thin crust has a tart pear tomato sauce and uses a dough recipe comes from a trip Peter took to Sicily. Their pan dough is thicker and uses a sweeter sauce. Peter recommends the Cali Boli made with chicken, bacon, pizza cheese, and ranch, and the Steak Boli, made with steak, provolone, green peppers, and onions. Georgeís has won awards every year since 2003 for their pizzas, subs, and stromboli.Georgeís Pizza and Subs is open Monday-Friday 11-9. The atmosphere is nostalgic. The walls are covered in pictures from customers, collected by the owners since the start. Check it out for high quality food at an affordable price and great service!

121 W High St
Carlisle, PA 17013