Giannino Restaurant & Cafe, Lauderdale-by-The-Sea FL | Merchant Profile

Hosting an authentic menu paired with a top of the line experience, Giannino has quickly become the talk of the town, providing homemade dishes in true Italian fashion. Giovanni Di Costanzo and his son Pietro have always had a dream to leave Italy and bring their culinary expertise to the states, and doing so flawlessly, their cuisine has become a widely notorious option for locals in the area. Formerly food and beverage distributors in Italy, the Costanzoís have become extremely knowledgeable in Italian cuisine, and have used that as fuel to power their culinary masterpiece in Giannino. The kitchen is from scratch and the homemade ingredients separate the restaurant from similar Italian establishments in the area.Chef Antonio drives the kitchen and his extensive background in the industry elevates Giannino to new heights. The traditional Italian options lend a true sense of real Italian culture and outshine other replicators seeking to do what Giannino has done. To start, the restaurant offers a large selection of homemade cheese and meats to indulge in, and stimulates the palate while lending a sense of the quality customers will experience while dining. The Lasagna Napoletana is an obvious choice when customers stop in, crafted with Bolognese and Besciamella Sauce, Ricotta Mozzarella, and Parmigiano Cheese. A classic staple, the Eggplant Parmigiana is top notch and is a widely favored choice while dining in as well. Encompassing exactly what Italy represents comes naturally to the Costanzo family and their willingness to achieve the best of the best is nothing short of impressive. Keeping the customers happy is top priority, and doing so is second nature for the team at Giannino. The staff is always looking for new ways to make the entire experience better, and sees no limit when considering improvements. The upscale ambiance paired with quality food makes the restaurant simply one of the best options while visiting the area and finding anything better is almost unrealistic. The highly regarded restaurant is located at 218 Commercial Blvd. and stopping in ensures not only a memorable, but quality experience.

218 Commercial Blvd.
Lauderdale-by-The-Sea, FL 33308