Giovanni Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria, Pompano Beach FL | Merchant Profile

Putting quality and consistency to the forefront, Giovanni Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria is not an Italian replication by any means, bringing authentic Italian dishes that has guests returning time after time. Owners Giovanni and his son Andre have been in the industry their entire lives perfecting the craft from top to bottom and using it as fuel to drive the restaurant to new heights. Doing so with the utmost care and genuine nature, the two have achieved widespread notoriety with their close attention to detail and their fresh, made to order dishes. Andre prides himself on his efforts, and rightfully so, he only uses the best of the best and purchases his ingredients each morning to guarantee top quality time after time.The authentic Sicilian is prevalent in the entire menu from top to bottom, crafting each dish with age old recipes that were used in previous family restaurants in Sicily. Perfecting the art, he has been cooking for the past ten years, refining his skill regularly to create a menu rich in flavor. Doing so flawlessly, his dishes come in high regard, catering Italian clubs and large parties which can attest to the true authenticity. The Rack of Lamb is a widely notorious specialty and the Stuffed Artichoke is an appetizer that pairs well, both served in a healthy portions to achieve the ultimate satisfaction. No matter the situation the restaurant has something for everyone, serving twenty six dishes to choose from.Nothing in the kitchen is pre-cooked or fried, and the restaurant is set in an elegant and cozy atmosphere, bringing the entire authentic Italian vibe full circle. The focus on making customers feel like guests shows the true genuine nature Giovanni and Andrea put forth into their restaurant. The selection of beers and wines are also fantastic, the wine mostly being sourced from Italy, and coming in to deliciously pair with the quality meals. Stopping in is simply a must while in the area and is sure to provide a top notch and memorable experience time after time.

3003 N Federal Hwy.
Pompano Beach, FL 33064