Gnocchi Italian Restaurant, Clinton MI | Merchant Profile

Previously owner and Executive Chef at Heidelberg Restaurant, Chef Jeff is now owner and mastermind behind Gnocchi Italian Restaurant, a unique Italian concept that opened its doors in spring of 2016. Jeff is half German and half Italian. Having spent nearly 12 years preparing German cuisine, Chef Jeff is now channeling his inner Italian in a restaurant concept that is truly unique. ìGnocchi is a special noodle – itís the oldest noodle known to man and most noodles are derived from itî, says Chef Jeff. When Italian immigrants came across the ocean, many migrated to South America, where gnocchi is very big today. On the 29th day of each month, they celebrate gnocchi day where diners put money under the plate of gnocchi before they eat it. ìAfter they are done eating, the gnocchi makes the money lucky and the diners use the money to feed the homeless and hungry to make them luckyî, explains chef Jeff. Soon, a similar tradition will be introduced at Gnocchi Restaurant where Chef Jeff will also use the proceeds to feed the hungry on the 29th day of each month.Most restaurants do not prepare their gnocchi fresh. Not true at Chef Jeffís restaurant. Here, you will see the ladies pulling gnocchi fresh right there. It doesnít get more fresh than that!Gnocchi is usually made from either potato or ricotta. Potato gnocchi is what most people are used to, but it is very heavy. On the other hand, Ricotta gnocchi is more premium: itís better for you and easier to digest. Chef Jeff serves only ricotta gnocchi, and he serves 15 different kinds, which is something no other restaurant in the country can boast. ìWe come up with more and more kinds every day. For example, today we are serving salmon with a lobster gnocchi. Itís so much fun creating with gnocchi because you can do a lot with itî, says Jeff. From the age of 15, Jeff knew that he wanted a career in restaurants. This path ultimately led him to become the youngest member ever inducted into the American Academy of Chefs in 1997. And now, to become proud owner of Gnocchi Italian Restaurant. Along with his dynamite staff, they will give you an Italian pasta experience unlike any other.

41620 Garfield
Clinton, MI 48038