Gold Cash Gold, Detroit MI | Merchant Profile

Gold Cash Gold is a unique restaurant found in Detroit, Michigan. The building was constructed in the 1800s and has seen many different shops come and go. Before Gold Cash Gold was a restaurant, the space was used for a pawnshop. The owner of Gold Cash Gold, Kevin, decided to use as much as he could from the pawnshop because it was such a known spot. The Gold Cash Gold lettering outside is from the pawnshop and is where the restaurant gets its name. They also decided to keep the large bright red sign outside that reads ìloansî with a large arrow pointing to their building because itís such a great attention grabber. Sticking with their ìrepurposed themeî, Gold Cash Goldís interior is also filled with refurbished items. The tables, chairs, ceilings, and floors are all used and come from different defunct businesses and establishments. The restaurant opened in November of 2014 and has been popular amongst the locals since. Gold Cash Goldís menu has many southern influences and they also try to source their food and produce locally as much as they can. What Gold Cash Gold is known for most is their famous Fried Chicken. The delectable Buttermilk Pie is also a favorite among customers. Gold Cash Goldís delicious Carrot Salad is a healthier option, but also features locally grown vegetables. Gold Cash Gold does take reservations and strongly suggests them if youíre planning on going to the restaurant before a sporting event or other special occasion. The restaurant also features a Chefís Table that allows parties of eight to twelve people to sit at an intimate table located next to their open kitchen. Guests can watch as the chef and his crew carefully prepare and cook every dish. Reservations for the Chefís Table must be made in advance. Make sure to stop by Gold Cash Gold to experience their one-of-a-kind atmosphere and incredible food!

2100 Michigan Ave
Detroit, MI 48216