Golden Garlic, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Bringing authentic, quality Chinese cuisine to the San Jose area, Golden Garlic has raised the bar on the popular food style, keeping the utmost quality as the top priority. Owners Eddie Lu and David Dai have been in the industry their entire lives, and have sought to perfect the craft from top to bottom. Doing so seamlessly, Golden Garlic has become widely notorious for their quality customer service paired with their fresh, healthy menu items. The restaurant specializes in Tianjing cuisine, where Eddie and David are from, as well as Sichuan, making them an eclectic fusion unique to the area. The chef driven menu is backed by no other than David Dai, a highly regarded chef that has won awards for his time in the industry. Bringing his talents from Northern China straight to San Jose, he has propelled Golden Garlic to new heights. Each dish is a true representation of genuine Chinese food, making Golden Garlic a no brainer when choosing over the vast amount of restaurants in the area. A popular dish, the Golden Garlic Beef, is a signature dish that is tender cuts of Filet Mignon, diced and served with deep fried Garlic. The Spicy Crispy Fish Filet is also heavily favored, adhering to the Sichuan cuisine and served in a healthy portion. The option is easy to eat, is healthy, and rich in flavor, guaranteeing the ultimate satisfaction. All of the ingredients are fresh, priding themselves on the fact they use no canned foods and focus on quality foods paired with a welcoming atmosphere. There is no msg in any of their menu items, and the main focus is to keep it healthy, and they have done so successfully. Bringing everything full circle the restaurant provides Chinese Herbal Tea as well as Beer and Wine at their second location.The staff at Golden Garlic all share the same goals, and that translates into the all around experience that they are able to provide. The ambiance is impressive, offering a warm welcoming atmosphere, and once that is paired with the food, the restaurant becomes hard to pass up. The food is consistent, and the presentation raises the bar when comparing to the competition. Stopping in guarantees an excellent, memorable experience and is sure to satisfy. 

1530 S. De Anza Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95129