Golden Harvest, Warren MI | Merchant Profile

Golden Harvest was established in 1995, and ever since has been serving the most authentic Chinese cuisine and Dim Sum around. Hoyin has been a part of the restaurant since the beginning, when his wifeís family opened Golden Harvest. Hoyin came to the United States from Hong Kong in 1989 and has been in the Chinese restaurant business since he was 19 years old.Golden Harvest is extremely authentic and true to Hong Kong cuisine. Hoyin explains that most of the restaurants in America claim they are authentic Chinese but are really just authentic Americanized Chinese. Golden Harvest has some Americanized dishes, like ëAlmond Chickení, but wants to be almost completely authentic. Hoyin recommends you try the Dim Sum – all different kinds of small dishes – which average out to about $3 a plate. The ëChicken Feetí are popular, as well as the ëBean Curdí and ëSpring Rollí. Another customer favorite is the ëSalt and Pepper Squidí. Call ahead for reservations to make sure you get to experience Golden Harvest. They even have a space available to host your next party!

6880 E Twelve Mile Rd
Warren, MI 48092