Got Sushi?, Saint Petersburg FL | Merchant Profile

Victor Ho fell in love with sushi when he was in the military and stationed overseas. As soon as he saved enough money to open a business, he opened a sushi restaurant because he wanted to show customers in Florida what he experienced in Japan. Victor loves that the sushi he offers at Got Sushi? is healthy and always very fresh.At Got Sushi?, they serve fresh sushi and hibachi. The traditional Japanese makimonos, or in-house rolls, are very popular. Everything including the sashimi and nigiri is always served as fresh as can be. The fish they use is hand selected by the chef from different vendors in Florida. They use nothing but top quality fish at Got Sushi?, never frozen. Got Sushi? Imports beer from Japan as well as offer domestic favorites like Corona and Heineken. Their sake is also imported from Japan and is of the highest quality. Got Sushi? Also has all different kinds of wine, so you are sure to find something you enjoy.Got Sushi? Offers dine-in, takeout, and delivery. They also often cater for corporate events. To enjoy the best sushi in the Saint Petersburg area, check out Got Sushi?!

1136 94th Ave N St
Saint Petersburg, FL 33702