Gran Sabor Latino, Lancaster PA | Merchant Profile

Gran Sabor Latino Restaurant is located at 120 North Franklin Street in Lancaster. Translated to English, Gran Sabor Latino means great flavored Latin food. The restaurant is owned by Ely Felix Ruiz. It originally opened in 2010, and recently completed a total renovation. The renovation almost doubles the restaurantís size and capacity. Felix tells us he enjoys cooking, and making customers happy is great motivation for him to strive to be the best. This fast service restaurant features freshly made, authentic, Dominican, Cuban and Caribbean cuisine. Favorite dishes are the Roasted Pork, Beef Stew, and multiple rice and bean selections. The Seafood Salad and Macaroni Salad are two of their popular salad options. Ely also recommends the Empanadas, with your choice of beef, chicken, pizza, and seafood. Rotating daily specials include: Oxtail, Steak and Onions, and Beef Ribs. For dessert, choose from Rice or Coconut pudding and Flan. Gran Sabor Latino Restaurant offers take-out and catering for events of any size. If you are in Lancaster and want a taste of authentic cuisine stop by The Gran Sabor Latino. Find out for yourself why there are lines out the door. Ely and his wonderful staff will ensure you have a great dining experience!

120 N Franklin St
Lancaster, PA 17602