Grand Tavern, Rochester Hills MI | Merchant Profile

Located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Grand Tavern provides a perfect dining experience for anyone that seeks good food partnered with an excellent setting. Starting just six years ago, the restaurant has always aimed to improve and seeks to please the customer first and foremost. Whether you are looking for burgers, steaks, ribs or salads, Grand Tavern looks to please all customers and will provide you with all of your dining needs.What separates Grand Tavern from any other restaurant in the area is not only their delicious steaks, but the method in which they are prepared. Using a volcanic stone that is set to hot 750 degrees, it is cooked right in front of the customer to ensure that it is prepared to perfection exactly how it is desired. Along with providing a unique taste, the rock is also salted and the restaurant provides a selection of steak sauces for the customer to choose from. All of the foods and products are purchased fresh every morning to guarantee the customer complete satisfaction.  At 3512 Rochester Circle, Grand Tavern is equipped with 25 flat screen TVs so you will never miss your favorite team in action, and also provides a comfortable setting to enjoy your food. Along with a welcoming atmosphere, you will surely enjoy your time at the restaurant and come back time after time. Enjoy!

3512 Rochester Circle
Rochester Hills, MI 48309