Grand Trunk Pub, Detroit MI | Merchant Profile

Located in the heart of downtown Detroit, the building of Grand Trunk Pub has a long standing history and was built before the prohibition years. In 1879, the building was first run by the Traub Brotherís Jewelry Store and by 1903 was sold to the Grand Trunk Railroad. The railroad transported folks from coast to coast, while the building operated as a ticket station that today is the bar of Grand Trunk Pub. After his fatherís passing of cancer and looking for a reason to stay in Detroit, restaurant owner Tim and his brother went into business in 2006.Devoted to his community, Tim made it a point to only feature Michigan brewed beers on tap that highlight the local flavors of Detroit. The Michigan Brewers Guild supported his movement when he decided to go against Miller and Budweiser on tap. With a long and fascinating history, unique beers, and great pub food, Grand Trunk Pub is a real taste of Michigan and a must try for anyone in the area.Come into Grand Trunk Pub for lunch or dinner and try one of their Signature dishes ñ their most popular dish being their reuben sandwich. To prepare the reuben, the corned beef is boiled in-house, while the base cabbage kraut is brewed with stout from New Holland, brown sugar, and spices. Grand Trunk Pub even features a homemade ëThousand Russiansí dressing and orders their bread from a local bakery. Donít miss out on the widely popular ëShepherdís Pieí or, a pub classic, ëFish and Chips,í featuring Atlantic cod that is beer battered and fried to crispy perfection. Stop into Grand Trunk Pub, enjoy a local craft beer and pub food, and get a feel for the rich history of Detroit.

612 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48226