Great American Pub, Conshohocken PA | Merchant Profile

The Great American Pub is located at 123 Fayette Street in Conshohocken. They have other locations in Phoenixville and Wayne. The Great American Pub is well known for having some of the best pub food in the area. Charles Hemcher owns the Great American Pub with his brothers and parents. Charles tells us heís grown up in the business and has worked in it for the past 42 years. He says one of the keys to the success of the Great American Pub is that there is always a family member in the establishment. The restaurant strives to provide great pub food in a fun atmosphere. Everything coming out of the kitchen at the Great American Pub is made from scratch. There are no microwaves in their kitchens. Popular starters include: Buffalo Wings with a choice of traditional, hotter-n-hell, honey bbq, teriyaki, or garlic parmesan sauce, Beer Battered Onion Rings, served with honey mustard, and Kobe Beef Sliders, topped with caramelized onions and gorgonzola.One popular salad is the Mandarin Steak Salad, with marinated sirloin steak, plum tomatoes, red onion, crumbled bleu cheese, over mixed greens and served with caramelized walnut mandarin dressing. They also have a Classic Caesar Salad and the Palm Beach Salad, with layered avocado, tomatoes, crabmeat, shrimp, chopped egg, red onion, and mixed greens with a light honey vinaigrette.Slow Roasted Sandwich choices include: Roast Beef, with sliced angus topped with traditional beef gravy, Hot Turkey, with traditional turkey gravy, and Italian Pork, served with roasted red pepper, horseradish spread, and sharp provolone cheese.The Great American Pub uses 300 pounds of hamburgers and 400 pounds of chicken per week. Customers love the All American with angus chuck grilled to perfection with american cheese. Other recommendations are the Bubba Burger, with bbq sauce, smoked bacon, and cheddar, and, The Cobb Burger, with crumbled blue cheese, smoked bacon, and avocado. Popular chicken sandwiches include: the grilled or cajun Marinated Chicken Breast,, General Fayette Chicken, with roasted red pepper, Canadian bacon, pepper jack cheese and a side of cajun mayo, and the Chicken Cheesesteak, which is an 8 oz chicken steak finely chopped with American cheese on a Conshohocken bakery long roll.If you are looking for great pub style food in a fun atmosphere, check out the Great American Pub. Be ure to check their website for daily and weekly specials and other events. Stop by the Great American Pub today. Let Charles, his family and all the warm and attentive staff welcome you an ensure you have a great dining experience!

123 Fayette St
Conshohocken, PA 19428