GreeKrave, Deer Park NY | Merchant Profile

GreeKrave is Greek restaurant owned by Chris Pavlatos and Spiro Markatos. It opened on June 20th, 2014 in Deer Park, New York. The name came about because of the way people crave food and the cuisine is Greek. They run their restaurant on the principle of ìEat Greek, Live Long.î All dishes are homemade and all ingredients are fresh. GreeKrave prides itself on having healthy dishes that taste good as well.One of the most popular dishes is called the ìKrave Bowl.î This dish consists of the customerís choice of meat and rice, and then a tomato medley, lettuce and a Krave special sauce. The homemade Chicken and Pork dinners are also fan favorites and have customers mouths watering. The ìKrave Platter,î which consists of the choice of meat, rice or french fries, salad and a warm pita with Tzatziki sauce.GreeKrave is different than other Greek restaurants because they go above and beyond the usual Greek restaurant expectations. They have a unique decor and have unique dishes that are only found at GreeKrave. GreeKrave makes it a point of emphasis to provide their guests with the best dining experience possible. When dining at GreeKrave one will leave with a full stomach and happy.

9 Bayshore Rd
Deer Park, NY 11729