Green Apple, Waterford MI | Merchant Profile

The Green Apple Restaurant has been a cornerstone in Waterford, Michigan for delicious, homemade cuisine for over ten years. Family-owned and operated, they focus on pleasing every customer who walks through the door. Using family recipes and the highest-quality ingredients, the Green Apple has achieved a wonderful reputation within the community.  The restaurant takes pride in making all their dishes from scratch. They offer daily specials for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are priced at an incredible value. The portions are generous and the food is always fresh and full of flavor. The menu is full of variety and even offers healthy and gluten-free options. Some of customersí favorite choices are Green Appleís fresh fish catches. The cod is extremely popular and always has amazing, succulent flavor.  Green Apple also features many Mediterranean dishes on their menu that are all created from original recipes and top-quality ingredients. The Stuffed Cabbage and Lamb Chops are some fan favorites. Overall, the Green Apple is the perfect spot to enjoy a hearty breakfast, quick lunch, or big family dinner. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the staff is personable and hard working. The next time youíre in Waterford make sure to stop by the Green Apple for a delicious home cooked meal and lovely experience!

4780 Dixie Hwy
Waterford, MI 48329