Greenwich Time Pub, Detroit MI | Merchant Profile

Greenwich Time Pub was opened in 1966 and is a family owned restaurant. It is located in Detroit, Michigan, and it has seen the ups and downs of this city. Due to its amazing dishes and stellar service, Greenwich Time Pub has made it through the hardest of times. Many of its customers are local and are on the first name basis with the waitstaff, thus giving this restaurant a family and comfortable feel. One of the most popular dishes at Greenwich Time Pub is its Tuna Melt. There have been blogs written about this sandwich. This melt consists of tuna, celery, mayo and the customerís choice of bread. This dish is an important part of making a name for the Greenwich Time Pub. In the past, there have been lines and lines going out the door. The rebirth of the city of Detroit is helping to make that happen again.Other popular items are its homemade potato salad and corn beef. Everything is homemade in the restaurant, giving the pub a comfortable and family feel to it. Many family members work in the restaurant which also adds to this comfortable vibe. As the owner has been growing older, his kids have taken over the restaurant and are now the managers of the restaurant. Greenwich Time Pub is busiest on Friday nights. They do take reservations and are usually able to seat customers within 10-15 minutes when it is busy. There is an upstairs portion of the restaurant that can hold up to 80 people. People are able to schedule parties for any type of event and reserve the upstairs for them.Greenwich Time Pub is a restaurant that will continue to thrive in the rebirthing of Detroit. The comfortability and family feel this restaurant has always has customers leaving with smiles and full stomachs.

130 Cadillac Sq
Detroit, MI 48226