Grey Bar & Restaurant, New York NY | Merchant Profile

In a vast assortment of good restaurants and bars to choose, why not first check out this hip bar and eatery that has it all! The area that surrounds Grey Bar and Restaurant offers tons of variety; yet, Grey Bar stands out as a fantastic unique eat with a menu to boast. It simply surpasses regular bar food. Owner John Fitzsimons and his partners opened Grey Bar in February 2013, since making it a sophisticated choice to grab a beer and catch the game.  The menu is what this distinguishes Grey Bar from other local eateries. The menu is simple, yet elevated American cuisine that offers healthy choices and classic bar food finds. To go along with a beer, mozzarella sticks and chicken sliders are just a few of the great options. The ëSeared Ahi Tunaí is one of the restaurantís most popular dishes. The fish is accompanied with a delicious salad of sesame cucumber noodles and avocado. The menu also features burgers and sandwiches, like the seared flat iron steak sandwich, a staff and guest favorite. The atmosphere of Grey Bar and Restaurant attracts a mix of young professionals as well as travelers alike. The lighting, decor, and furnishing of Grey Bar and Restaurant presents a clean cut and elegant environment. While the atmosphere is sophisticated and beautifully designed, at the heart of it, Grey Bar is a sports bar for any and all sports fans. You can be sure catch the game here!

43 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10010