Griff’s, Allen Park MI | Merchant Profile

Griffís opened in April of 2016 and is located in Allen park, Michigan. The restaurant was originally a bagel shop but in April the owner decided they wanted to change it up and completely re-did the restaurant. Griffís is a traditional American restaurant that gives its customers what they know and love. Griffís prides itself on making great quality food for an affordable price. Griffís is especially known for their savory burgers. They are specially seasoned with a secret seasoning unique to Griffís. One of their most popular burgers ordered is their lamb-burger. This is a lamb and beef blend that has Griffsí customers’ mouths watering. Another popular dish at Griffís is their Scotch Egg. This dish consists of a soft boiled egg with a loose yolk that is wrapped in Italian sausage. It is then breaded and fried and served cracked open with a special sauce.Sangria is one of the most popular drinks at Griffís, especially in the summer time. They have many domestic and craft beers as well. Griffís also has beers from local breweries and likes to buy produce from local farms too. They also have a wide variety of cocktails that make for a great tasting drink. Griffís has an extensive menu so that all tastes can find something that they enjoy. Whether it be sandwiches, breakfast cuisine, burgers or salads, every dish is made with the utmost quality and care. The staff is friendly and provides great customer service that has Griffís customers leaving with a smile.

14595 Southfield Road
Allen Park, MI 48101