Gumbo’s, Mt Clemens MI | Merchant Profile

Gumboís in Mount Clemens just celebrated their fifth anniversary in April of 2016. The owners daughter, Courtney, explained that her mom made gumbo all the time when she was growing up. Courtneyís brothers are firemen and policemen, so she would make big batches for the whole crew. ìEveryone loved it, so she decided to open a restaurant,î stated Courtney. Courtney has always been a waitress and quickly fell in love with the restaurant business. Over the years she has developed a passion for cooking, and now a days you will find her in the kitchen instead of waiting tables. Courtneyís dream is to open Gumboís all over Michigan. Gumboís is famous for their gumbo, of course. Courtney recommends first-timers order The Medley; the customer gets to choose three different cups of any of the entree sides. The options include gumbo, red beans and rice, jambalaya, pasta, etouffee, and shrimp creole. This way, you get to try a little bit of each! The daily special is another popular option; one-half of any sandwich and one cup of any side. It make a great meal, and there are endless combinations!Gumboís is open 11:00 am through 8:00 pm Monday through Friday, and only open on the weekend to private parties. With the capacity to host 80 guests, Gumboís is a great place to celebrate any event. Join Gumbo Friday nights for their Crawfish Boil!Gumboís is a family owned and operated restaurant, and everyone feels at home when they are dining there.

53 N Walnut St
Mt Clemens, MI 48043