Gustoso Pizza, Harrisburg PA | Merchant Profile

Proprietor Andrew Reynolds traveled a circuitous route to owning Gustoso Pizza in Harrisburg. His formal education culminated with a degree in accounting. After school he joined the prestigious manager training program of a nationally recognized car rental company. Knowing the training would provide the knowledge to understand all aspects of his own business someday. After a stint as a forensic accountant Reynolds decided he needed a change. He moved to Lancaster and began knocking on doors looking for just a job. He was willing to do anything. But one look at his stacked resume and employers told him he was overqualified for the type employment he was seeking. Finally Reynolds landed a job working as a delivery driver and pizza baker for a small pizza chain. His boss decided to close the Harrisburg location and offered to sell it to Mr. Reynolds and he accepted.  Upon the suggestion of an employee the new pizzeria was renamed Gustoso. Gustoso is Italian for tasty.Gustoso serves up tasty pizzas, subs  and strombolis. Reynolds tweaked the recipes for for the pizza dough and sauce to reflect the tastes and texture he wanted. The new crust is richer and the sauce is sweeter. Only the best Grande brand cheese is used, itís more expensive but worth it. Gustoso offers up some interesting Pizza selections, keeping the plain cheese pizza company on the new menu are the; Maui Wowie, a Hawaiian with pineapple and ham, the Rocky Balboa, a Philly cheese steak pie and the West Chester with honey mustard chicken. Another innovative pie is the BLT drizzled with ranch dressing.Andrew Reynolds went from being an overqualified delivery driver to earning a Phd. in creative pizza wizardry.

479 Eisenhower Blvd
Harrisburg, PA 17111