Gyro Town, Fremont CA | Merchant Profile

Gyro Town in Fremont, California, will be celebrating its first anniversary on May 13th, 2016. The owner, Zabi Majibzadah, has always been into food and wanted to have a place where he would be able to construct dishes in the way he wanted to. ìIíve always been the person to cook at family gatherings or when friends come over and they always liked it. I got the idea that if I just had my own restaurant, we could have fun with it and also make a living off of it,î Zabi explained.Fremont is a very multicultural area and Gyro Townís menu reflects that. You will find items including gyros, burgers, and several types of fries. Gyro Town is a place for the whole family – kids and adults alike – enjoy the atmosphere and the menu. Gyro Town is a halal restaurant. The Combo Plate is one of Gyro Townís most popular dishes; chicken and lamb in their secret sauce served with lettuce, onion, tomato and cucumbers over rice. The Flaming Gyro is a customer favorite, marinated in their own in house special sauce. The Cajun Jalapeno Burger is another a must-try! ìI like everything very fresh, so all my food options are very fresh. Everything you order was freshly prepared that day, nothing remains overnight,î explained Zabi. Zabi and his staff ensure that everyone who visits Gyro Town always feel welcome, enjoy their meal, and know that Gyro Town is very grateful to serve them. 

4342 Thornton Ave
Fremont, CA 94536