Halcyon Flavors From The Earth, Charlotte NC | Merchant Profile

Halcyon Flavors from the Earth is a restaurant that focuses on using fresh, vibrant ingredients while supporting local businesses and farms. The staff at Halcyon refers to themselves as ìlocalvoresî or people who use and consume local food as opposed to those who ship or import their ingredients from other places. The restaurant is owned by Jill Marcus and Karen Teed who also run a catering company and Halcyonís sister-restaurant, Fern.Halcyon first opened with a ìfresh from the farm to the tableî concept, which they still practice today. Halcyon shops locally for all its produce and ingredients, which puts better food on the table while supporting local farmers and businesses. Originally, Halcyon started with a menu that was a fine dining equivalent to southern comfort food, but when they hired Chef James Stouffer as the new head chef, the menu evolved to European, French bistro fare. With this change, Pastry Chef Sophie Favre was also hired to add delectable desserts, many of French and European influence, that compliment Chef Stoufferís menu. Halcyonís menu is much larger now and has an emphasis on seasonal, less traditional game. For example, one of their best-selling dishes on the menu is the Rabbit Saddle. The Rabbit Saddle is the portion of meat found between the rabbitís shoulders and hips and is served with a carrot-horseradish puree, beech mushrooms, melted leeks, and rabbit jus. They also offer a Venison Saddle, Braised Bison, and Smoked Pheasant to name just a few of their unique dishes. The menu changes seasonally in accordance to what is most plentiful and easy to find. Halcyon likes using game or alternative meats because they like offering their customers choices they wouldnít easily find somewhere else. In addition to Halcyonís incredible food menu, they also offer an extensive wine list and great variety of cocktails to choose from. When a customer says, ìI donít recognize any of these wines!î Halcyon takes that as the ultimate compliment because they want to expose their customers to new, undiscovered tastes and selections. Pastry Chef Sophie Favre adds indulgence to Halcyon by making her own bread, truffles, ice cream, sorbet, and other pastries from scratch daily.Halcyon Flavors From The Earth also has a small outside patio for guests to enjoy and view the beautiful sights Charlotte has to offer. Seating is limited and given on a first come, first serve basis so if youíre interested in a seat on the patio come early. If you miss out on the patio donít worry because Halcyon also has twenty-five foot tall windows in the front of the restaurant for great views as well.

500 S Tryon St
Charlotte, NC 28202