Haruko Japanese Fusion, Pembroke Pines FL | Merchant Profile

Taking traditional Japanese cuisine and raising the bar on it to a significant standard, Haruko Japanese Fusion envelops the best of the best when it comes to indulging in the cuisine while in the area. The meticulous efforts of the team at the restaurant can attest to the quality and consistency they are able to provide time after time. Luis Pineda and his team thrive on putting the elevated options to the forefront and their quality ingredients paired with an elegantly set, cozy atmosphere. The owners took their endeavor from Venezuela and have used their vast culinary expertise to put together a top notch concept that is a must while visiting the area.Sourcing the ingredients from the freshest available sources, the Peruvian Japanese fusion has uniquely created its own niche that people simply adore. The Lomo Saltado is an option worth trying crafted with beef, red onions, cilantro cherry tomatoes, and soy vinegar. Of the rolls, the Ceviche option is a must try as well, comprised of aji amarillo, yuzu cream, with sweet potato chips on top. The mix between the two different cuisines compliment each other to the highest degree, and the options provide something for everyone no matter the instance. To bring everything full circle, the combination of high end with a simple and trendy atmosphere is exactly everything that Pembroke Pines needed. From top to bottom, Haruko simply hits the nail on the head. The rapid popularity growth is where the restaurant really shines, proving that they are definitely in a league of their own. Stopping in promises something for everyone, and the fact that they are constantly adhering to everyoneís taste shows the lengths they will go to provide a satisfying experience, making it a top choice for any outing while in the area.

18283 Pines Blvd.
Pembroke Pines, FL 33029