Heirloom, Charlotte NC | Merchant Profile

Clark Barlowe attended Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte and graduated from their Rhode Island campus in 2009. After college, he worked in top restaurants all over the world, learning from the best of the best. In 2013, while living in Bermuda, Clark heard there was a restaurant for sale in North Carolina and headed back to the states. After looking at a a few different concepts, Heirloom fell into his lap, a restaurant that showcases everything North Carolina has to offer. Clark family has been in North Carolina for seven generations, which makes it easy to see why Clark wanted to develop a restaurant completely North Carolina focused.Everything in Heirloom comes from North Carolina farmers, producers, and small businesses. ìOur goal is to highlight as much about North Carolina as we can,î Clark explained. All the beer, liquor, wine, and every single ingredient is found in North Carolina. The menu at Heirloom changes every day – redefining the meaning of seasonal. Since all of the ingredients are from North Carolina, any weather change can mean they cannot get certain ingredients. Clark has to be creative and flexible in his menu offerings to keep up with the available ingredients.Even though the menu changes each day, Heirloom typically offers duck from one of their favorite farms to work with, Harmony Ridge Farm. Calico Bay Scallops are gorgeous and popular, along with Caviar from a farm in Western North Carolina. At Heirloom, they work with the highest quality ingredients.Clark explained that even though Heirloom is a fine dining establishment, they go to great lengths to make sure you are comfortable. ìThe menu is the most approachable tasting menu you have ever seen – we want to make the experience as comfortable for all as our customers as we can,î Clark stated. The walls are gorgeously covered in wood and decorated with farming tools and old family heirlooms.The cocktail program at Heirloom is one of the best in the country. Since Heirloom is only working with North Carolina spirits, they therefore carry none of the nationally recognised brands. Guests can be intimidated because they are not familiar with the spirits, but Clark ensures they can find you something you will love. Order the I Trust You, explain to the bartender what you like and donít like in a drink, and they will make you a drink specifically catering to your desires.ìThe meal you get on Tuesday is going to be very different than the meal you get on Saturday,î Clark explained. The whole dining experience at Heirloom is a meal, a time, and a place in North Carolina.

8470 Bellhaven Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28216