Hellenic Restaurant, Southfield MI | Merchant Profile

Hellenic Restaurant originally opened its doors in 1977 and has been family owned and operated since. Nick is the original founder and the father of current owner, John. John grew up in the restaurant business watching and learning from Nick while he ran Hellenic. By the time John was eighteen he was able to open his own location, which he managed for about seven years. Unfortunately, around that time Nick was dealing with health issues and needed help running the original restaurant, so John decided to close his location and go back to help his father. Currently there is only one Hellenic Restaurant location open, the second closed about five years ago in order to center everything in one building. Their current location is newer, brighter, and bigger than the other and also brings in more traffic to the restaurant. Lunchtime during the weekdays is when Hellenic Restaurant gets its biggest rush, but they are known for getting you in and out quickly. One of the customersí favorite dishes on the menu is Hellenicís Chicken Greek Salad. They started selling it over twenty years ago and despite Nickís reservations of it being too expensive to sell, John pushed to get it on the board and customers havenít stopped buying it since. They serve the salad with their special, homemade dressing that gets rave reviews. Another dish new customers have to try is Hellenicís Hot Chicken Pasta. The Hot Chicken Pasta features warm rotini noodles covered in American and feta cheese thatís topped with grilled chicken, onions, and tomatoes. This dish is completely original and canít be found anywhere else! Hellenic Restaurant does not take reservations, but encourages customers to walk-in even when they are crowded because they are great at getting you in and out quickly. Hellenic Restaurant is a family-oriented, warm restaurant whose staff is welcoming and cheerful. Nick worked very hard opening and building Hellenic into the success it is now and John really admires his father for all that heís done. The entire family continues to work hard to satisfy all their hungry customersí needs. So if youíre in the area and looking for a bite to eat, stop in at Hellenic Restaurant for a tasty, homemade meal!

27150 Evergreen Rd
Southfield, MI 48076