Herb, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Herb is a Thai restaurant in the city of Chicago that focuses on creating healthy, nutritious, and holistic meals. Patty Neumson, the owner, grew up in Thailand learning from her mother and grandmother how to cook and prepare nutritious and delicious meals. She continues to live by the same philosophy today and leads a healthy lifestyle through her cooking and cuisine. At Herb, Patty strives to prove to her customers that you donít have to sacrifice flavor, variety, or style when it comes to healthy eating. The menu at Herb changes seasonally with what ingredients are freshest and in abundance. Everything they serve is natural and simple focusing on the bright flavors of each ingredient to bring the dish to life. They also have many vegetarian options to choose from for those with dietary restrictions. True to the restaurantís name, herbs are the stars of the show here. They have a huge variety of exotic and local herbs they use to garnish and make each dish. If you visit Herbís website, they actually have a section where they teach you about the different benefits and nutritional value each herb provides. Herb also offers catering for special events and parties. The restaurant has a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere and a great staff to help with any customerís needs. Herb was even recommended in the Michelin 2015-2016 Guide. The next time youíre craving delicious Thai cuisine, consider giving Herb a try to see how healthy can be extraordinary. 

5424 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60640