Honey, Doylestown PA | Merchant Profile

Honey is a restaurant located at 42 Shewell Avenue in Doylestown. The name pays homage to the sweetness of honey, itsí amber hue, and its use as a term of endearment. The husband and wife team of Joe and Amy are long time hospitality veterans. They met while working in a restaurant. They didnít set out to be in the restaurant business, Amy was trained in the medical field and Joe, Honeyís Chef, worked as an engineer and aspiring musician. In fact, Amy shares Joeís engineering and musical interest flavors his cooking. The engineer in him meticulously constructs dishes that sometimes take two days of preparation. She also says, ìJoe cooks loud,î one won’t find salt or pepper on a table at Honey. Joeís ìloudî cooking insures they are not needed. The ten year old eatery has 12 tables inside and an additional 5 outdoors when weather permits. Honey serves modern American food with pan global influences.The entrees at Honey are meant to be shared, usually a party of two will order 5 to 6 different dishes to sample. Meals at Honey begin with an Amuse-bouche to welcome diners to the restaurant and to give them a glimpse of Joeís cooking style. The menu encourages diners to explore new tastes. If one doesn’t care for a particular item, the well trained staff will happily exchange it. Amy and Joe recognize taste is subjective. Honey is a great place for a date night. The staff tries to make  your experience feel like a vacation day.The menu at Honey changes on a regular basis, at any one time there are 20 to 25 different tastes to try. The one dish that will always be on the menu is Black Tea Glazed Spare Ribs made with twice cooked Berkshire pork spare ribs, pine nuts, toasted sesame with a spicy ginger ice cream. This eclectic mix of flavors and textures have diners clamoring for more. Other off the beaten path flavors include the Buffalo Buffalo, featuring stout braised buffalo short rib, barrel aged hot sauce, buttermilk blue cheese, pickled celery, and salt roasted fingerlings. Also, the Boar And Escargot Skewers.Be sure to leave room for dessert. Current options include: the Chocolate Meltdown Flourless Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Sorbet, and Raspberry & Chocolate-Hazelnut Crumble. A fan favorite is the Take 6 made with a Callebaut chocolate bar, peanut butter, caramel, malted raisins with a pretzel and peanut Crunch. Also, Maple Cheesecake with blueberry sauce, BLiS maple bourbon, pecan-graham cracker crumble. The restaurant has a full bar and serves a variety of inspired specialty cocktails as interesting and diverse as the menu. Choices include the Heat Of Passion and the X Rated Iced Tea with X Rated Fusion Liqueur, Sweet Carolina Tea Vodka and Black Tea. There are also about a dozen Pennsylvania Craft Beers available. If you are looking to have a sweet evening stop in to Honey. You can sample eclectic flavors in a warm and intimate setting. Amy and Joe and their highly trained staff will welcome you and ensure you have a great dining experience!

42 Shewell Ave
Doylestown, PA 18901