House of Szechwan, Des Plaines IL | Merchant Profile

Daniel and Mary Ip purchased the original House of Szechwan location in Arlington Heights back in 1984. Originally a hot dog and pizza fast food joint, Daniel and Mary thought it would be fun to slowly transition into offering Chinese food. For a period of time, you were able to order egg rolls with your french fries. House of Szechwan was the first restaurant in the area to offer Chinese food delivery, which tremendously helped their Chinese business take off. Within a few months, many customers were returning solely for the Chinese dishes, and the Ips were able to focus solely on their Chinese food.The Arlington Heights location was small, carryout and delivery mostly, and only had a few tables. As business increased, Daniel and Mary decided to expand. In 1992, they opened a second location in Mount Prospect. After ten years, the Ips opened a third location in Des Plaines. They did a huge renovation project to create a beautiful, authentic restaurant. No longer affiliated with the other two locations, the Ips put all of their energy into the Des Plaines House of Szechwan. House of Szechwan serves authentic Chinese and Filipino dishes. Some of House of Szechwanís top dishes include ëWalnut Shrimpí, ëPad Thaií, and ëChopped Sueyí. Their number one seller is the ëMongolian Beefí. Customers also love their soups and egg rolls. Mary explained that House of Szechwan is very accommodating for dietary restrictions and special requests. As every dish is made to order, just let them know when ordering what you need. House of Szechwan also has a mean ëMai Taií and delicious plum wine! This comfortable and beautifully authentic restaurant is located just a five-minute drive from Rivers Casino. Customers enjoy the ambiance as much as they enjoy the food. House of Szechwan often hosts parties for birthdays and baptisms. Daniel and Mary are nearing the age that they want to retire, but they love their customers so much that they donít know how they ever will. Head to House of Szechwan to see for yourself what makes it so special!

22 Northwest Hwy
Des Plaines, IL 60016