Hullabaloo, West Palm Beach FL | Merchant Profile

Hullabaloo encompasses a unique, genuine, flavorful experience that has customers returning regularly. Upon entering, the minimalistic ambiance provides a welcoming, communal experience, taking a social environment and pairing it with excellent dishes. Backed by Executive Chef Fritz Cassel, Hullabaloo thrives on its unique, rich menu, and the items offer many choices for patrons to choose from. Fritz has been in the kitchen since he was young, and his vast knowledge shows in the chef driven menu. Owner Rodney Mayo and his team pride themselves on their passion for food, and it certainly shows in the consistency of the product. The menu is always being revamped, improving and adhering to what the customers love the most. Everything is  freshly prepared and made to order, ensuring a quality meal that the customer can trust. A staple in the menu, the Fire Roasted Brussel Sprouts, is served with a bacon aioli and candied pine nuts, and exceeds all expectations. The Roasted Pork and Porcini Risotto is very popular, served with fire charred brussel sprouts, and roasted garlic and parsley sauce. All of their pasta is made fresh, and one of the cornerstones of the location is their wood stove, fueling their fire-grilled pizzas. The restaurant prides themselves on sourcing their products from local areas. Whether it be their fresh seafood, produce, or their beer, customers will find most of what is offered comes straight out of Florida. Their beers are exclusively craft, offering twenty variations of bottles and six on tap. Their wines are extensive and great to pair with each meal, and their signature cocktails are all made from scratch. It is clear that Hullabaloo wants to go the extra mile for their customers and the menu is an obvious representation of that.The restaurant has garnered attention not only from locals, but they have been featured on television as well. Chef Emeril Lagasse has featured Casselís culinary expertise on his show as well as on ìCheck Please,î with Michelle Bernstein. The owners like to keep everything very creative and create a memorable dining experience for each of their customers. This shows with their exposed prep area, which is also used for a chefís tasting area, and provides for a more interactive experience. While in the area, Hullaballoo is certainly worth giving a try, offering all of the components it takes to have a great dining experience.

517 Clematis St.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401