Immm Rice and Beyond, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Immm Rice and Beyond is a Thai restaurant that opened in December 2015 and is located in Chicago, Illinois. Owners Dew and Noon like to say that they serve the foods that are found at food stalls and carts in the streets of Thailand. This specific type of food is called Khao Rad Gang which means that the food is cooked in a steam table and served over rice. Immm Rice got its name because in Thai, ìImmmî means ìIím full.îAt Immm Rice, they aim to make the food as authentic as possible, therefore the dishes have strong flavoring and some dishes may be quite spicy. One of the most popular dishes at Immm is the Som Tum, which is Papaya Salad. Another popular dish is Kuay Tiew, which is soup noodles. There is also a selection of Thai style breakfast rice plates.Immm Rice takes pride in the fact they provide authentic Thai food here in America. The staff at Immm Rice is like a family and they take pride in making the best quality of Thai food. Owners Dew and Noon also help cook in the kitchen.For catering needs, coming into Immm Rice or emailing from the website it a good way to place an order. One can place an order for pickup or delivery from Immm Rice and Beyond as well. This restaurant really brings a taste of Thailand into the mouths of its customers and provides a unique experience that is only found at Immm Rice.

4949 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60640